Who made that mess?! I don’t know about you, but I say that phrase quite often during the day! It seems like everyday is the same ole same ole! Being a stay at home, homeschooling, home management mom can be over whelming!

I don’t claim to have it all together. Truth is I struggle daily! I want livinglifewholeheartedly.com to be a place of comfort, and encouragement for you. Come sit on my porch, have a glass of sweat tea and let’s share life together, my friend.

  • Do you struggle with being unorganized and cluttered?  Me too! I will share what I have done and tips that can help you regain your space and sanity.
  • Are you homeschooling multiple ages? Do you have toddlers running around causing chaos? My hand is raised high. I am here to offer what I have learned along the way (still learning) and how to mange it all while staying sane (most days).
  • Sweet mom you just found out your expecting! Whether it’s your first or your eighth, congratulations!! Are you overwhelmed at the thought of having someone else to care for? How will you manage the home and a newborn?  Take a deep breath…..help is here! I offer practical ways and resources to make this season of motherhood more enjoyable. You can breathe now!!!
  • Are all these kids yours? YES!! Do you get asked that same question when out with all the kids? I am a member of the “Big Van Club”! How about you? Having a large family to care for can be demanding at times while meeting the needs of so many!! Let my tips and tricks be an encouragement to you for your high calling as a mom!
  • Is your quiet time on the “back burner” with the Lord? It doesn’t have to stay there! Amen!  Together we can move it to the “front burner”. I  offer  tried and true stratigies to help you regain your queit time so your reflection to your family can be more Christ like.

   Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by!  My name is Kimberly Sperry. I  married my rodeo cowboy, Rob, fourteen years ago. We are a blended family. He has a daughter 16 and I have two boy’s 21 and 16. Together we have eight kids: a boy 13, a girl 12, a boy 9, a  boy 6, twin boy’s 5, a boy 3, a girl 1 for a grand total of 11!

I am an imperfect wife and mother serving a perfect God. I invite you to join me on my journey  where I share my struggles with clutter and how I am over coming the “clutter monster”, mothering a large family, homeschooling and home management all the while life is happening all around!

I hope you will visit often as we continue on this journey of real life. Let’s stay in touch with each other! Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.