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Hello and welcome to my rural world. I am so happy you are here! In order to get to know each other better I thought that it would be nice to tell you all a little about my home town.  I no longer live there but I am only an hour drive away. I also included another town that I like to visit often.  Are you from or do you live in a neat town or city that has a really cool history?  Well, I am from a small rural farming community in Missouri.  The name of the town is Hamilton.  Hamilton is the hometown of James Cash Penney. Yes, the famous J.C. Penny who started the chain of J. C. Penney stores. You can visit his boyhood home and the library to learn about his life.


Are you or someone you know a quilt enthusiast?  Today our town is famous for The Missouri Star Quilt Company! That’s right, it is!! They have shops that line both sides of main street. You can shop, eat until your heart is content or until your wallet says “no”! This is one of mine and my daughter’s favorite places to go on our “day out of the house day”!  Here is a link if you would like more info click here: 


Jamesport is another small town that I truly love and enjoy visiting often. Jamesport is the largest old order Amish settlement west of the Mississippi River. The town is full of little shops and the best homemade food cafes. It’s rich history is so much fun to learn about. There is just something about the Amish that fascinates me. I think it might be their simplicity. Not that I would want to live with out electricity or my van! NO WAY!!! My daughter enjoys going as well. You really could just stay all day…oh, we do!  Here is a link for you if you would like more info click here:  This town truly is a must visit!


Whenever it’s “mom and daughter” day, I can guarantee you that we will be seen in one or both towns window shopping or buying!


How about you are you from or do you live in a small rural town?  What do you do on your day out? Do you go alone or take someone with you?  Leave a comment below and let me know so I can get to know more about you, my new friend.



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