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The table that saved my sanity!

The table really did save my sanity!!!

As a homeschool mom, I think that we all have a “schoolroom fantasy”. I know that I do! I even have some pinned!! We have tried doing individual desks; I even had my own teacher’s desk!  At the time, we had a full basement and one whole side of it was our school room! Wonderful!! However, where we live now, we no longer have the space.

When we first moved into the house that we live in now, we used the kitchen table. That just didn’t work well for me! What an absolute disaster!!! Lunch would need to be made, so, we would clear the table. Oh, the dreadedness! Some kids would want to continue reading then set their book down. Lo and behold a drink would get spilled!!!Uggg!! I would get upset and say do you know how much that book cost? Why was your book not put up? I don’t think I was practicing James 1:19.

                     James 1:19 Wherefore my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

OUCH… I just bit my tongue! I struggle with getting upset at the minor things. Books can dry and be replaced!

I mentioned to my neighbor about needing a different table. It just so happened that she was having a yard sale. I-am-a-sucker-for-yard-sales!!!! She said that she had a table. I was hooked! I loaded the kids up and went the half-mile to her house. As I pulled up there is was. I got out to look at it and she said I have something else you might be interested in. BOY, was I ever!! It looks like and old TV cabinet, but you pull out the front and put the leaves in. The leaves are stored on one side, the other side is for storage. If my neighbor lady was into hugs I would of hugged her!!! I handed her the crisp five dollar bill and got my sanity back!

The story has a funny ending in order to bring inside my daughter and I used my son’s skate board to move it inside!!!

Confessions of a Homeschooler Erica Arndt has a schoolroom that is very inspirational. You can check that out here: click her:

What is something that you have implemented into to your school room/space that has been a “sanity saver”? Leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “The table that saved my sanity!

  1. We have started using a wooden crate for all the current books we’re using in school. The rest that will be used later in the school year are on a shelf in the basement. We read so many books and just don’t have spaces for it all, and don’t want the littler kids messing them up or losing them. The crate helps!

    1. Hello Lana,

      Crates are a home school moms best friend!!! They are so easy to put daily books, workbooks, readers in and put away for the day. They also help in keeping the school room clutter free (for the most part) 🙂

  2. For us, it’s been no cups at the table! Lol. We live in an apartment and only have our dining table to do schoolwork on. Like you I was so tired of spills and had had enough. During school time, cups go on the kitchen counter (me included).

    1. Hi Cecilia,
      Oh yes, the dreaded cups!!! So glad for cups for adults that have lids and straws!!!! I hope you have a great homeschool year! 🙂

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